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How Professional Catering Services Can Seriously Upgrade Your Food Game

Party catering

If you want something done right, it’s better to do it yourself, right? Not always, especially when it comes to preparing a large amount of food for an event. Whether it’s for pleasure or business, it pays to take advantage of professional catering services.

Here’s how professional catering services can take any event to the next level and seriously improve your food game:

Food safety and hygiene

In addition to taste and quality, food safety and hygiene are a top priority when it comes to preparing large amounts of food. Professional local catering services are held to high standards of cleanliness, and their kitchens and food preparations area must be kept meticulously clean at all times in order to avoid contamination.

These standards for cleanliness, in addition to expe

Party catering

If you want som...

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4 Reasons to Look Into Growlers If You Love Beer

Beer containers

If you enjoy craft or microbrewed beer, you are not alone. It has been estimated that the industry for those beverages in the United States is worth around $23.5 billion. In general, beer is very popular around the country. Approximately 43% of people who 21 years old or older say they prefer to drink beer rather than wine or liquor. Nearly 14% of people around the country say they drink beer at least once a week. if you enjoy beer or know people who do, getting double wall growler may be a great idea. Here are some reasons to look at these as gifts or to have around the home:

  1. They make it easy to bring beer with you. While there are a lot of growlers around, most of them have handles. Whether you are looking at double wall growle

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