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Fresh Seafood is a Great Option for Fun Dinner Parties

Stone crabs

While there are lots of choices available when you host a dinner party, ranging from exquisite pasta dishes to hearty burgers, hot dogs, and sausages from the grill, including stone crab claws is a great way to make sure guests appreciate the menu you choose. Crab is one of the most popular seafoods around, and stone crabs are famous for their savory claws. So if you are planning on having family or friends over for a nice big dinner, they are a great way to not only make the meal tasty, but also memorable.

Unfortunately, Florida’s southwest coast is the only place in the world that stone crabs are harvested commercially. This means that a trip to the grocery store might not be enough to find all of the items that you are looking for when you want to plan a party. Instead, you might have to think about planning

Stone crabs


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