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Family Holiday Traditions Often Include Visiting a Favorite Restaurant

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You know that it will not be a direct route tonight when you drive your daughter home from the airport. Typically, when she flies home from her college that is 12 hours away from home, her plane lands around midnight. This arrival, however, occurs at 7 pm. She will be starving, and since you will drive through downtown on your way to your house she will surely want to stop at one of the historic eateries that she misses when she is away at school.
Her list of favorite places to eat is different from anyone else’s in the family, but you will oblige her as she will be starving, as all college students are when they return home.
Americans have a lot of traditions when it comes to eating. We have foods that we like to eat at Christmas and other holidays. We have foods that we like to eat when we ar

Party halls in delaware


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