Daily Archives May 1, 2019

Are You Serving Ice Cream at Your Next Party?

The two high school best friends have been teasing their family and friends on the social media post where they have announced their high school graduation party. First, they asked if anyone could guess what special treat they would be serving. Once they announced that they had hired the local farm to cone ice cream store to bring the new ice cream truck to the party. They then challenged their friends and family to guess what flavors would be offered. Most recently, they posted a photo of a vintage full size pick up with a bed full of full size cacti and smaller succulents, and offered that they would give an extra scoop to anyone who would show up at the party in a similar vehicle.

In a weekend full of pulled pork sandwiches, graduation cakes, and every color of party mints, the two seniors are excited that they are simply hosting an ice cream party. They have specially ordered themed napkins and planned for a table to brownie bites, sprinkles, and other toppings. They have even

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