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Spice Up Your Plate When You Use Microgreens

Micro green

In fine dining, presentation is a key component of the overall experience. Given that the average cost per person in the United States is just over $28.50 in fine dining, we want a sensational package when we go out to eat. As delicious as the food may taste, we also want to see it well plated — whether it’s elegant, creative, or colorful. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that can elevate a simple side dish or a salad, such as microgreens, which are used heavily in the fine dining industry. Microgreens have been in use for 20-30 years, but have made a recent “comeback” in terms of popularity and use in recent years. Additionally, sugar flowers, herb crystals and flower crystals, and edible flowers are other components coming into play to add a layer of art, flavor, and polish to fine dining dishes and desserts.

Micro green

In fine dining, presentatio...

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