How To Make Bolognese The Best Italian Cooking Secrets

One of the most common Italian meals is Bolognese. This is a flavorful meat sauce that originated in the city of Bologna, Italy. It is often served over lasagna or pasta. To make a good Bolognese sauce, the first step is getting quality ingredients. Take a trip down to your local grocer and get only the fresh ingredients as that will result in the best Italian cooking. Meat being the main ingredient, be careful about how you choose it.

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Obviously, you will need two types of meat: pork and beef preferably. However, the meat should not be too lean. Meat with a bit of fat is good as that will prevent it from drying out and add some flavour to it as well.

Another Italian secret is being patient. Making Bolognese needs time. If you only want a meal prepared in 40 minutes, then skip the Bolognese. This is a meal that requires more than 2 hours of cooking time when you account for prepping the ingredients as well. Also, do not use a pan that is too small. For the vegetables and meat to cook evenly, you will need a large pan with a thick base that allows the heat to spread evenly. Making Bolognese is all about paying attention to the tiny details.


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