5 Amazing Health Benefits of Peanuts for Women

Peanut butter good for you

Peanut is one of the oldest and indispensable commodities consumed in many homes. Also referred to as groundnuts, peanut share the characteristics of the legumes and nuts. In their natural state, peanuts are enclosed in a hard outer shell like other nuts. However, they are from the legume family together with peas and beans. Over the years, this commodity has found its way in store’s shelves. Many peanut products have been introduced allowing people to consume it in different forms such as bars, sauce, powder, pesto, bread and butter. Peanut is not only tasty, but also possesses numerous health benefits, particularly in women and children. Here are some of the main peanuts benefits for women.

Healthy skin
Women are more conscious about their skin than men. They invest heavily in cosmetics and other beauty products just to improve their looks. Some treatments and skin products women use are quite expensive with little to no impact on their appearance. Peanut is known to address a number of skin issues and most women using it have really enjoyed the results. Two components peanut have is their resveratrol and monosaturated fats, which helps the skin to glow. It’s also rich in dietary fiber that mostly helps to eliminate excess toxins on your skins, giving you a smooth and clear skin. In addition, peanut is rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E that assist in reducing skin wrinkles, blemishes, and spots.

Healthy pregnancy
Another important nutrient peanut has is folate, also known as folic acid. This nutrient is considered a life saving for unborn babies as it helps protect against birth defects that normally occurs in the brain and spinal cord. Additionally, women who consume peanuts during pregnancy reduce their chances of attracting allergic conditions.

Energy booster
Peanuts benefits for women are many. When you need to start your day on a high energy level, peanuts can offer you that and much more. In fact, peanut gives about 15% of the Reference Daily Intake level of protein per serving. An ounce of raw peanuts contains 7.3 grams of proteins and 2,4 grams of dietary fiber, giving your body sufficient energy all day long. Instead of eating them raw, you can as well feed on some high protein snack made of peanut, which can go well with your favorite drink.

Sugar levels
A teaspoonful of peanuts a day may help control your blood sugar. This is according the recent study on peanuts benefits for women. One way of controlling sugar levels is by controlling the amount of protein one take per day. Peanuts do not only make you feel full, but also regulate the amount of sugar in the body.

Healthy hair
Peanuts are great sources for biotin and Vitamin C, which are the two most important nutrients for healthy hair. They prevent hair loss by facilitating the production of collagen. Women who suffer hair loss can benefit a lot from consuming peanuts.

Other health and nutritional values of peanuts for women include, improve memory, help fight depression, prevent cancer, gallstone and help combat old age diseases. With peanut, you can decide to consume it raw, apply peanut butter on bread, cook with peanut oil or make bread with peanut flour.

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